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The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 744

Chapter 744: Laney’s Opinion Mrs.Harding was surprised to see Janet speak up for Laney.She was stunned for a few seconds and then turned her head to look at Laney, who was seated next to her. Although Laney made good progress these days, she was still a far cry from the ideal daughter-in-law, especially with regards to taste. It was difficult to train something like that in so short a time. So when they came to the studio today, Mrs.Harding had already painted a picture in her head of the dress she wanted for Laney and didn't intend to ask for Laney's thoughts. But now that Janet brought it up, Mrs.Harding couldn't pretend she was deafShe smiled at Laney and asked gently, "Well, Laney? What do you think?" Laney glanced around the swatches of fabric in the studio. After a few seconds of silence, she said elegantly, "Well, I have only one thought.The color of Garrett's suit should be a darker one. Hearing that, all the designers present fell silent.Jt seemed that everyone was waiting for Mrs.Harding to speak. Dalores had already looked into Laney’s background. The future Mrs.Harding was not from a rich family and used to be an ordinary bodyguard before. The Harding family only let her in because their son had insisted.Dalores could figure that Mrs.Harding was not satisfied with her daughter-in- law, and the person who had the last say was still Mrs.Harding herself. Hearing this, Dalores chuckled and then turned to look at Mrs.Harding apologetically. To Laney, she said condescendingly, "It's probably because you don't know much about fashion, but dark color fabrics are usually old- fashioned.Mr.Harding is still very young.We don't want to dress him up like an old man, do we? You should listen to. your elders more.” Mrs.Harding was drinking coffee as Dalores spoke and she frowned imperceptibly upon hearing her words.vovetesook.¢omJanet resisted the urge to roll her eyes and countered, "There are also many dark-colored couture clothing that don't make people look old.Remember the suit made of black velvet decorated with pearls and sapphire? That design's a timeless classic and has always been the star of fashion shows." Dalores pulled a long face. "You're too young.What do you know? How many shows have you watched? Stop talking nonsense in front of our clients.” Why was Janet always stirring up trouble? Dalores was really furious! She was busy trying to butter up Mrs.Harding, yet Janet kept trying to steal the spotlight.Jt was disgusting! Janet ignored Dalores and looked straight at Laney. "May [ask you a question?” Janet's serious attitude confused Laney somewhat. Janet had never spoken to her like this before. "Please." Laney nodded graciously. "Why do you think your husband's suit will look better if it's dark?" Laney answered promptly, "Because my husband's ties are usually bright- colored. That's just his signature think if he were here today, he would've made the same choice.” After she finished speaking, she glanced at Mrs.Harding warily. Mrs.Harding smiled and nodded at Laney in approval She had always thought that Laney was rash and careless, but she actually was very observant and clearly cared about Garrett. Laney’s simple words moved Mrs.Harding.And although Laney wasn't up to Mrs.Harding’s standards, she could feel that Laney loved her son deeply and knew him very well. Thinking of this, Mrs.Harding held a newfound respect for her daughter-in- law. "Well, just do what she says.She's my son's wife and knows him best.” Mrs.Harding was actually quite proud of the way she dealt with Laney. She hated the notion of the evil mother-in-law who persecuted their daughter-in- law.She found it distasteful, and she knew that it'd only push her son away if she made things difficult for Laney. After saying that, Mrs.Harding nodded at Laney. "Well done, my girl.” After praising her, Mrs.Harding noticed that Janet had actually helped Laney out just nowsShe then looked at Janet and asked seriously, “What's your name?" t's Janet Larson.Nice to meet you, Mrs.Harding.” As soon as Mrs.Harding heard the name, a trace of surprise flashed through her eyes.