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There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband (Julian and Amelia)

Chapter 1211 Ending

After the talk with Jean, Bella realized her feelings for Benedict and felt much better. This night, all people had mixed feelings. Parents and children held their parties respectively the next day. Bella and Benedict went to the party after they applied for marriage and their marriage certificates made others jealous. Donavan smiled and bowed to Bella. "Hello, Bella, I'm your family now. " Bella blushed and turned flustered. Benedict cast a glance at his brother and praised him in his mind. Ashley, the youngest child, ran over and said jubilantly, "Bella, I'm so happy to have you be my sister-in-law. " Ashley, the youngest child cared for by all of them, hugged Bella and they liked each other. As Bella became Benedict's wife, Ashley and Maisie, who were satisfied with the marriage, liked Bella even more. Bella jubilantly felt Benedict's family members accepted and loved her as he did. Before Bella said a word, Benedict pulled his sister away. Ashley snorted. "What are you doing?" Benedict held Bella in his arms. "She's my wife. " Bella blushed with embarrassment and Ashley rolled her eyes. Donavan held Ashley in his arms and smilingly said, "Ashley, you will see this scene many times in the future. " As Donavan and Ashley laughed and left, Bella glared at Benedict, then shook off his arm around her waist, and went for Alana. While Benedict's family happily accepted Bella, Jamarion met trouble in Alana's family. Alaric protested, seething with anger. "Jamarion, I will not accept you

"Whether it's two years or three years, as long as it's you, I'll be waiting for you. " Waiting for one more year didn't matter as long as they could be together for long. Alana embraced him, thinking fate did play a trick on her

. In the past, she had never thought she would be with a boy three years younger than her. Now, in his arms, she was overflowing with joy and love. Bella and Benedict went on their honeymoon the next day. Their parents didn't know it until they were about to board the plane. Even Bella knew the news at the airport. When they arrived on a tropical island, the chauffeur took them straight to a villa, not a hotel. As Bella was confused, Benedict explained to prove his wealth and make his wife have more understanding of him, "This is my private villa. I already have everything you need, so I just told you that you didn't need to bring anything. Besides, I buy the villa on my own. "She didn't expect the company he started with his friends had brought such a huge amount of money that he could buy a villa valued at more than several million dollars. She had planned to have a peaceful honeymoon and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But in the end, they spent most of their time making love on the bed. She finally realized how strong and tough her man was and she could not leave the bed after the night of passion. After a honeymoon of half a month, she went back to college and stopped seeing him on the pretext of being busy with her studies. In fact, they lived harmoniously and jubilantly. Two years later, Jamarion finished his study abroad successfully. After another year, he married Alana and lived a happy life