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There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband (Julian and Amelia)

Chapter 1210 Love Each Other After We Get Married

Ezra and Maisie drove their car home. Both sides needed time to digest the sudden news. Only Benedict calmly accepted the outcome because he clearly knew what he wanted. Bella stopped Benedict and said to her parents, "We go out for a talk. " She decided to ask him in the small park why he said those words full of love. She felt guilty because she got married to him not for loving him. If he had been loving her, she would be in a dilemma and they could not stay away from each other's life as they had planned. But as soon as she pulled him to a kiosk in the square, he suddenly pinned her to a post behind her and kissed her passionately. She paused and then struggled out of his embrace when he sucked her tongue, but she failed to break free since he was much stronger than her. Instead, he hugged her more tightly and kept kissing her passionately. When being loosened, she buried her face in his chest with mixed feelings. She blushed but felt she deserved it. But she didn't know that her move actually aroused him. Thus, he lifted her head and bent to kiss her again. Bella was irritated and pushed him away with a blushed face. "Benedict, what are you doing?" He felt nothing wrong with it and raised his hand to touch her lips meaningfully. "I kiss my future wife. What's the problem?" She snorted

She collected herself and looked away. "It's unfair. You know I

. " She stopped for fear that her words hurt him. He lifted her chin and said confidently, "There are many ways to love, aren't there? We can get married first. I believe that one day you will love me. "Bella came back home with mixed feelings as things went against her wish and she could not face him naturally from now on. She sighed, 'Why did everything turn out against my wish? I just want a marriage of convenience, but it actually makes him get what he wants!'Jean got along well with her daughter like they were close friends, probably because Jean was a senior psychiatrist. After Bella came back home, Jean entered Bella's bedroom to have a talk with Bella and the latter told Jean the whole thing. Jean was calm and only turned surprised when Bella said she offered to get married. Bella sighed, "What should I do, mom?"Jean smiled. "You were okay with being married to him when he didn't have feelings for you, and now that he loves you, why shouldn't you? He loves you. "Bella was upset. "But I don't like him. It's unfair for him. "She rubbed her daughter's soft hair and said, "You don't love him? Of all the men, you chose him. If you don't love him, why do you care if the marriage is fair to him?"Bella paused and murmured, "You mean I like him?"Jean nodded speechlessly and had to admit that her daughter was not good at this kind of thing. Bella covered her face and believed her mother's judgment since her mother was a senior psychiatrist who was good at analyzing others' emotions