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When His Eyes Opened

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Chelsea decided to add fuel to the fire when she saw Elliot's savage fury. “Before she married you, Avery Tate was dating your nephew, Cole. It's not a big deal since everyone has a past, but she slept with your nephew after she married you! She's made a fool out of you. I bet they did this thinking you were going to die back then!" Elliot's fists were clenched and his face was stone-cold, His expression was a face of seething anger. His cold eyes glared furiously at the maternal health file on his desk. ‘I suspect they did this to get your inheritance. When the doctor issued a notice of critical illness, all of us thought you didn’t have long to live. If she got pregnant with your kid at the time, then your estate would fall right into her hands. They planned everything to the tee! When you unexpectedly regained consciousness, it ruined their plans.” “Get out!” Elliot roared. Whether or not what Chelsea said was true, the thought of this scandal being exposed to the public made him feel sick to the stomach. Chelsea was slightly upset, but she completely understood his feelings at that moment. She got up to leave, and carefully closed the door behind her. Elliot's throat moved slightly. His breath was hot. He loosened his collar, picked up the file and carefully examined its contents once more. When his eyes fell on Cole’s name, a murderous aura rose in his eyes. Elliot had always known that his brother had his eyes on his fortune, but he did not expect Avery to be a pawn that he planted by his side! He almost fell right into their trap. He recalled the chaotic night he had spent with Avery, and his rage rose uncontrollably. In the master bedroom at Elliot's mansion, Avery was in a deep slumber. The room door suddenly burst open and filled the room with a screeching noise. Before she could open her eyes, she was forcefully pulled up. ‘I'm sorry, Miss Tate!" said the bodyguard as he yanked her out of bed “What are you doing?! Where are you taking me?!" Avery cried frantically. “The hospital. Abortion.” A chill shot through her entire body upon hearing those words. Did Elliot know she was pregnant? How did he find out? Who told him? “Where's Elliot?! Where is he? I want to see him!” Avery sobbed in terror. “I’m not getting an abortion ! don’t want to!” She tried to escape the bodyguard’s clutches, but Elliot had used up all of her energy the night before. She was carried to the car and thrown into the backseat like a piece of garbage. Elliot was sitting in the spacious backseat, staring coldly at her. He threw a piece of paper in her face and said, “You had so many chances to get rid of the b*st*rd inside o f you, so why didn’t you do it? Do you love Cole that much? Do you want me to kill him with my bare hands?!” His face was pale and his voice was chilling to the bone. Avery picked up the piece of paper, saw that it was the information she filled out when she registered at the hospital, and shut her eyes in agony. She wanted to fill out the father’s name honestly, but Elliot had threatened to kill the baby if she ever got pregnant Which was why she filled out Cole’s name instead. She was discovered in the end! ‘Elliot, 'm begging you... Please don't make me get an abortion!” Avery’s eyes were bloodshot as she held onto his sleeve and begged through her tears. “They're not b*st*rds. They're not...”