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When His Eyes Opened

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Perhaps it was because Elliot had not shown favor to many people in his life so far that when he showed the slightest feeling for someone, everyone assumed that he was in love with that person The kind of love that Avery dreamed of was one of mutual respect and not one where one party held all the control and power in the relationship. When the car arrived at the Foster mansion, the bodyguard got out and walked right up to Elliot. ‘Miss Tate told me in the car that the things she said last night were simply to test out the lie detector,” explained the bodyguard, probably in fear of Elliot losing his temper. Avery was taking her time changing into her house slippers at the front door. She was alert, listening in to the conversation. “She even said that she never meant to anger you,” added the bodyguard “Does she not have a mouth? Why are you speaking for her?” snapped Elliot. The bodyguard immediately dismissed himself, but not before throwing a threatening glare at Avery, as ift o warn her that her days were numbered if she did not make things up to his boss: Avery slowly sauntered over to Elliot. She sat herself down on the couch across from him, then mustered up her courage and prepared to speak. “Did you go to a singles party?” Elliot was one step ahead of her. He had asked her the question before she could say anything. “Was that a singles party?" Avery responded. “I had no idea. All I knew was that many of the guests were rich, so I went to look for investors.” Elliot's brows furrowed tightly as he asked, “And did you find any?” ‘I didn’t,” Avery answered. “I was only there for about ten minutes before your bodyguard called me.” “Are you blaming me?” asked Elliot. Avery was a little hungry, so she picked up an apple from the fruit bowl on a table and took a bite. ‘If I do blame you, would you give me the money?” she asked. ‘In your dreams,” Elliot responded. Avery chuckled, then said, “That's why I won't let you ruin my good mood.” “Are you in a good mood because you fired your vice president and two main staff from the research team?” Avery froze mid-bite. Her almond-shaped eyes landed on him as she asked, “Are you in love with me, Elliot?" If he were not in love with her, why would he go through the trouble of looking into every little detail about her affairs? Time seemed to come to a standstill in the room. The atmosphere between them was awkward. Avery shoved the apple back into her mouth. Elliot's eyes were fixed on her, his gaze was so deep that she felt like he might just swallow her whole Moments later, he spoke up. “And you?” Was he asking her if she loved him? Avery’s heart began to race wildly as her cheeks flushed ‘I wouldn't say I'm in love with you, but I wouldn't say I'm not either... I don’t have the courage to be in love with you...” She was rambling. Her thoughts twisted and turned around and around. She was confused at the end of it, but she hoped that Elliot had understood what she meant. She could see the rage burning in his eyes, but he sounded unusually calm as he said, “I'm not as bad as you think I am, Avery. You don’t have to understand me, but there's no need for you to go against me." ‘I'm not going against you,” Avery said, then cleared her throat and added, “I just want to live my own life my way.” Her life? It was a life that definitely did not include him. Elliot picked up his cup of coffee and took a sip. “What Hertz is offering isn’t a small amount. If you sell at that price, you would still have some funds left over after paying off the debt,” Elliot said, changing the subject. Avery was stunned for a few seconds before realizing that he was talking about Tate Industries. “My father wouldn't want to sell the company.” “Going bankrupt isn’t that different from selling it off. The former would mean losing the company at a greater loss.” Avery thought it over for a moment, then said, “Thank you for your input, but I have my own thoughts on this.” Elliot burst into a light chuckle It was the first time she had seen him laugh. He was mesmerizing when he laughed The last time Avery saw his face like that was on his computer. His smile was tender and warm as he had his arms wrapped around that woman.