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When His Eyes Opened

Chapter 53

Chapter 53 ‘Maybe it's fate,” said Chad. “That's too bad for my baby sister,” responded Charlie. “Forgive me for being forward, Mr. Tierney,” Chad said. “Chelsea is an exceptional woman, but despite all the years that she’s spent by Mr. Foster’s side, he still hasn't fallen in love with her. Even if she spends the next twenty, thirty years next to him... He will never love her." A hint of malice flashed in Charlie’s eyes as he replied, “Thanks for the reminder.” That evening, Elliot took the company’s managers out for dinner. After that, Ben dragged him out for drinks. Everyone knew that Elliot was in a foul mood, but nobody knew the reason behind it Which was why they all decided to work together to get him drunk. Once drunkenness began to show in Elliot's eyes, Ben took his wine glass away from him. “You haven't said much today. Isn't it stressful keeping everything inside?” Ben said as he switched Elliot's wine glass out for a glass of juice. Elliot raised his slender fingers to his head and began to massage his temples. “Avery wants a divorce,” he said in a low voice with his eyes slightly closed. “Am I that pathetic?” The room froze in stunned silence. How was it possible for anyone to think their boss was pathetic?! Was there something wrong with Avery Tate’s head? Not only was Elliot Foster a talented man, but he was also a master of business. The number of women who love and admire him would line up from here all the way to the south pole! Who did Avery Tate think she was to hurt him this way?! “What do you think of Miss Tate, Ben?” Chad asked “She's just an average college student,” Ben responded, then changed his mind and corrected himself,” Wait, maybe not. She's quite a looker. If Chelsea’s looks could kill, then Avery gives off a sweet and friendly girl-next-door vibe.” ‘I've never met Avery Tate! Should we give her a call and ask her to join us?” someone suggested. Ben glanced at Elliot, saw that he was still massaging his temples in pain, so reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. ‘I'll get Avery to come take you home, Elliot!” said Ben. Elliot's breathing turned heavy. He did not answer the question, so Ben took it as him agreeing to the suggestion. At the Foster mansion, Avery was sitting at her desk, quietly making revisions to her thesis. She was surprised when she picked up her ringing phone and saw that it was Elliot calling When she answered the call, however, the voice on the other line was not Elliot's. “Hello, Miss Tate. Are you busy right now?” ‘I'm not... Who is it?” Avery said as she felt her heart tighten from anxiety. ‘Elliot's had a little too much to drink. Could you come get him?” ‘Me? Doesn't he have a bodyguard? I doubt the bodyguard is drunk, too?” Everyone in the room was taken aback by her response. “The bodyguard isn’t with him tonight,” Ben responded, “So, are you coming?" Avery stood from her seat, got her coat from the closet, then said, “Send me the address. I’m on my way.” Ben hung up the phone and sent her their location. About forty minutes later, Avery and the driver arrived at the restaurant where Elliot and his entourage were gathered She got out of the car and came face to face with the group of men standing at the restaurant's entrance. All the men looked at her. Avery’s cheeks flushed as she subconsciously tucked her chin deeper into the collar of her coat. Ben dragged Elliot toward her, handed him over, then said, “Miss Tate, even if you don't love him, I hope you don’t hurt him.” Avery almost lost her balance and dropped Elliot. “Hurt him?” she asked, bewildered. “Il wish I could! I just have no idea how.” Her voice struck a nerve inside Elliot. He shot up, turned around, and pinned her against the car.