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When His Eyes Opened

Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Tammy was holding the menu. She glanced at Jun and said, “Your outfit was pretty tight, so I assumed you liked men. Of course, I'm not saying you can't prefer men. I respect everyone's sexual orientation.” Jun almost choked on his water. “You've greatly misunderstood, Miss Lynch. I'm straight. Very straight." ‘And I'm not as promiscuous as you think.” ‘Alright! Let's start over,” Jun said as he reached out his hand for a handshake. In order to find out his true intentions for Avery, Tammy shook his hand Once they had ordered their food, the two of them talked about anything and everything. An hour and some wine later, Jun’s defenses crumbled and he began to ramble. ‘I have a friend who had a shotgun marriage. He has feelings for his wife, but he’s too scared to show it. When she had gotten into some trouble recently, he had me help her. The funniest thing is that his wife has no idea that I'm friends with her husband. The first time she met me, he had been furious. He didn’t think that she should have gone to meet a stranger... Isn’t that hilarious?” Tammy was stunned, then said, “A friend of mine also suddenly told me she had a husband out of nowhere! She won't even tell me who he is because she keeps wanting to get a divorce, but I don’t know if she'll be able to get one." ‘I guess anything is possible nowadays,” Jun said. “Exactly! One thing's for sure, I'm never jumping into marriage,” said Tammy. “Me, too,” responded Jun At this point, Tammy had decided that it was time to find out if Jun really had two hundred million in his bank account, and she executed her plan. “Do you use a digital wallet or a credit card to buy stuff nowadays?” Tammy asked as she tried to behave as casually as possible. ‘I use my phone because it's more convenient,” Jun replied. ‘Isn't there a limit to that?" ‘I rarely splurge on things. After all, it hasn’t been long since I graduated, I feel bad using too much of my parents’ money.” Tammy nodded, then asked bluntly, “How much money do you have in your savings account?’ Jun was taken aback by her the personal nature of her question. “Are you worried that I’m some penniless loser?” Jun asked, then answered honestly, “Il only have under a hundred thousand in there.” Tammy pursed her lips, then shook her head out of politeness. Should she trust Jun or Avery? Judging by his expression and tone, it did not seem like he was lying. On the other hand, Avery was her best friend, and she had her unconditional trust. Tammy changed her strategy and asked, “Does your family delegate some important jobs to you?” Perhaps the two hundred million belonged to Jun’s father? Could acquiring Tate Industries also be his father's idea? “No way! My father hopes to pass the family business to me, but I'm not interested in it at all.” Jun’s answer threw Tammy back into a sea of confusion. She wanted to continue interrogating him, but they were still far from being close enough in their relationship to justify that. If she asked him now, there was no way that he would answer her truthfully. It seemed like she had to be a little more ruthless. “What do you think of me?” Tammy asked with her sweetest smile. “If you like me, I'd like to take things to the next step. What do you think?” Jun was taken aback. “Don't you think that’s rushing things?” Tammy's smile faded slightly. ‘I don’t mean it like that, Miss Lynch!” Jun explained immediately. “I just thought that we could meet a few more times and get to know each other better before we decide on moving things further...” The more he explained, the more upset Tammy looked. ‘Alright! I'm sorry, Miss Lynch. I just didn’t expect you to be that interested in me. Since you're willing to take things further with me, then, of course, I'd agree...” ‘Don't call me Miss Lynch anymore, Jun. Call me Tammy," said Tammy as the smile returned to her face. She had decided to unravel Jun’s true intentions within the next two weeks. Her magnetic smile made Jun feel like he was in a dream. Things were going too fast! He did not expect to get a girlfriend this quickly! Avery’s jaw dropped when she heard the news of Tammy getting a boyfriend. Was this not too big a sacrifice? Just as she was about to send Tammy a text, she received a call from an unknown number. Her fingers accidentally tapped the answer button on her phone, and the unfamiliar voice of aman came from the other side of the line