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You Hit My Heart (Joyce and Luther)

Chapter 1563

He yanked Fair back, "Sit down. Girls have no etiquette, almost crawling to the front. ” "Oh, okay. " Fair obediently sat back in her seat and began watching Anderson write the program. "Wow, you're so amazing. You know too much. " Anderson glared at her silently, "Keep quiet. ” Justin watched them, smiling warmly. He looked at his watch again, and they still needed to wait fifty-five minutes for Joyce. He frowned. It was a long yet short period of time At this moment, every minute seemed like torture. Soon, Anderson finished writing the program. He looked up, “Uncle Justin, did we remember the road just now? I'm now shutting down the parking garage indicator lights, road signs and parking space numbers. " Justin replied, "I remember, I have no problem. " He worked in the financial industry, fully equipped with such talent and basic skills. Unexpectedly, Fair also said, “Don't worry, I remember toa. I have figured out the arrangement rules here. I can infer the places I haven't been to

She was definitely a genius. They kept shuttling back and forth in the huge parking garage. "Uncle, the number of vehicles chasing us has increased

. There are eight!" Anderson counted, “They sent reinforcements!" Justin frowned. He also noticed. He needed to keep an eye on all directions and focus on driving. Without Anderson and Fair's help, he really couldn't do it At present, there were people chasing them in several directions. Suddenly, Justin's eyes turned cold and he shouted in a low voice, "Get down. " No sooner said than done! A burst of bullets swept over their Land Rover. Fortunately, the windshield of the vehicle was made of special bulletproof glass. It was not damaged, bul Justin knew that after a few more shots, the glass would still break. "Uncle, let's go to parking garage T on the sixth floor, Go up, tum left, turn right. go down, left right right left left. ” Fam lay down her small body. With her eyes closed, she shouted loudly. At the moment, in front of her eyes, it was as if a three-dimensional map of the huge parking garage had been constructed, There were cars coming from several directions, This was their only way out Justin had no time to think carefully. He quickly accelerated the vehicle backward. and at the end of the small road in the parking garage, he suddenly made a sharp turn of the steering wheel, shifted into gear and slammed the throttle He rushed straight out and followed the route Fair said, successfully shook off the vehicles coming fram several directions behind them at the same time